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With an ever-increasing appetite to do business in Africa, our programmes shed light on how to foster greater partnerships and cultural understanding to strengthen business activity in the region. Through case studies, business professionals will learn about the drivers, dividers, context and complexity that make up this continent. This understanding is key to avoiding some of the common pitfalls of operating on the continent, and for developing paths to prosperity for African companies and countries.


Doing Business in Mauritius

Mauritius represents a tiny dot on the world map, but the country is an economic powerhouse and often heralded as an African success story. This programme allows business professionals to:

  • Understand how the country has successfully transitioned into a diversified economy, through interactive sessions with leading industry experts

  • Learn how Mauritius is consistently highly ranked on global indices and unpack initiatives that help maintain its strategic edge

  • Explore commercial opportunities and strategic links with Africa, Asia and Indian Ocean islands through engagements with government, the private sector and business forums

Doing Business in South Africa

Africa’s second largest economy presents an excellent case study for corporates to learn from past and present challenges. In this course, business professionals are given a platform to:

  • Learn from business leaders and industry experts about the practical realities and key lessons of building a business in South Africa

  • Understand whether South Africa can maintain its role as the gateway to the continent, and its role in regional development

  • Gain key learnings to the country’s distinct business features including social enterprises, broad-based black economic empowerment and township economies

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