Many businesses across the world have prioritised hiring technical experts to ‘get the job done’. Having the right operational staff to conduct normal business affairs is important. However, both senior executives and employees are hired not only to ‘do’ but more importantly to ‘think’. The world is changing by the day, and if your company is not up to speed with changing business dynamics, its sustainability may be at risk. Our Masterclasses provide your leadership with the tools and techniques required for continued relevance.


Future-proofing your business

We uncover the technological and business trends of the future and anticipate their disruptive impact on societies, organisations and businesses by:

  • Exploring the next generation technologies reshaping businesses

  • Unpacking how new business models are developing as a result of fundamental shifts, specifically experience economy, platform economics and customer centricity

  • Preparing businesses to work with technology to remain future-ready

How AI will disrupt your business

What does the economy of the future look like? How will machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation change your business? Our Masterclass will help you navigate the fear around machines in the workforce by:

  • Simplifying concepts relating to Artificial and Machine Intelligence, and the Robot Revolution

  • Learning about the impact of deploying big technologies and AI on both your organisation and industry

  • Discussing and developing practical methods for your business to incorporate elements of AI

Reputational risk and crisis communication

It is estimated that companies have just 15 minutes to issue their first internal and external communication following an incident. Any delay can cause serious damage to both reputation and the business. We work with decision-makers in:


  • Setting up the right systems to anticipate and manage crises


  • Bringing the communication unit from the basement to the boardroom

  • Training your company for both peacetime and crisis communication, leverage existing efforts


Craig Wing

Holding two Master’s degree and a PhD in Future Thinking, Craig is a partner of FutureWorld International, working alongside clients to understand, create and design their ideal futures through Imagineering and thinking from the future. His areas of expertise include emergent technology (AI, blockchain, Quantum, CRISPr), business models, company culture and New World of Work. He worked at Google as the Head of Small Business Marketing and advised Google X, Alphabet’s “Innovation Lab”.

Deepa Mamtani

A double Master’s degree holder, Deepa is an Artificial Intelligence specialist with over 7 years of experience. As a Big Data enthusiast, she is passionate about uncovering the different layers of data to turn them into significant intelligence and strategies for clients. Deepa’s experience ranges from strategy, analytics and data science within the Financial Services, Consumer Business, Telecommunications, Aviation and Insurance industries. She currently leads a team responsible for building and providing AI solutions, at Sogeti in the Netherlands.

Mabine Seabe

Skilled in crisis communications, speech writing, social media, event and campaign management and media relations, Mabine is a professional communicator with a demonstrated history in the political organisation industry. Mabine worked his way through the ranks in the Communications Department for South Africa’s official opposition party to eventually act as the Party’s Executive Director of Communication. He has been recognised as one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Top Young South Africans and Avance Media's 100 Most Influential South Africans.


Digital transformation for executives

Digital transformation is a megatrend across industries, sectors and geographies. 
Through this course, your will enhance your decision-making power by:


  • Cutting through the hype and get to grips with topics like AI, Blockchain, IoT and others

  • Learning how to integrate these principles into the DNA of your organisation

  • Harnessing new technologies to improve business efficiency and agility, and deliver a competitive advantage

Media Training

The ability to perform well in the media   has the power to change your corporate and personal reputation. We uncover the tools to navigate potential landmines of an interview and focus on the following:


  • Learning how to best answer questions to ensure that companies and company leaders improve personal and professional reputations

  • Understanding the medium you will be on and adjusting your communication for it

  • Practising verbal and non-verbal communication, and honing in on a personal style and brand


Mike Stopforth

An entrepreneur, start-up investor and leadership transformation specialist, Mike previously founded social media company Cerebra which won numerous multinational accounts and grew to become Africa’s leading social media agency. He has worked with Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Vodafone, Google, Ford, Barclays, and many other remarkable brands before Cerebra was acquired by global advertising giant WPP in 2013. Mike is passionate about transformational  leadership and organisational change, helping executive teams get the best out of their people, especially in the midst of rapid change.

Nzinga Qunta

Nzinga Qunta is a business news anchor with broadcast experience of over a decade in television and radio. Outside of television she moderates high level discussions with heads of state, CEOs and industry leaders. Her work includes facilitating discussions at the World Economic Forum in Africa with the President of Namibia and the Seychelles, a discussion in Davos with CEOs and President
Cyril Ramaphosa on the South African economy and investment as well as acting as the the facilitator at African Investment Summit business dinner, interviewing Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

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