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Both African and non-African students have a deep curiosity and interest in the continent. We will provide students with a structured entry into African countries, with safety as a top priority. Students will learn about the region, make their own assessments and observations and expand their personal and professional networks. We have designed our Student Immersion programmes to be grounded in specific learning objectives which are highly value-additive when students return to their home countries, creating a lasting  link to Africa.


GO Mauritius Initiative

Mauritius is not merely a tourist hub for a beach holiday; it offers a plethora of educational and cultural offerings. Using a combination experiential and practical methods, this programme will be rooted in in practical real-world examples with the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the country’s history from slavery to colonisation which has led to the cultural mix found today

  • Unpack the business case of Why Mauritius? Why now? and gain insight into the practical realities of doing business on the island

  • Learn how the country has evolved its key industries through informative and interactive sessions with government and business leaders

GO South Africa Initiative

South Africa is a hotbed for young minds to receive a ‘reality check’ on their privilege, realise how humankind has emerged and learn about the challenges and opportunities in one of Africa’s most advanced economies. Students who embark on the programme will:

  • Appreciate why the country was once dubbed ‘the rainbow nation’ has failed to fulfill its potential, and understand how and why its complex past continues to shape current economic realities

  • Gain a well-rounded understanding of the various business, economic, operational and political considerations involved in doing business in South Africa and beyond

  • Engage with influential minds and young innovative entrepreneurs who are disrupting conventional business norms

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